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New-fangled gizmo


Christmas has come early for me this year – I have a new mobile phone! After a nail-biting few days when its delivery was delayed by gales, snow, sleet and ice (in other words, normal Orkney winter weather) it has arrived in its absurdly small cardboard box.

Is this a sudden extravagance on my part, I hear you ask? Not exactly. Is it the latest iPhone with apps or an Android with other things I know nothing about? No. It’s whatever I could get for free on my current arrangement with my mobile provider.

It’s a fluorescent pink, wafer-thin object with a QWERTY keyboard. I can’t vouch for whether or not I’m going to get on with this particular bit of technology. It’s main selling point seems to be the inverse of those VW Golf ads that are running at the moment – it’s like a Blackberry but it isn’t one.

Now I love a gadget as much as the next person, and will happily babble on for hours about the things I have in my recording studio and the things I’d like to have in it but don’t (yet).

But somehow having all the latest communication wonder-products doesn’t do it for me. It could be due to age.

I blame this for my first reaction to my new phone’s tiny keyboard, designed for someone with fingers the size of toothpicks. How am I supposed to use this? More to the point, if I’m wearing contacts, how am I supposed to see what I’m doing?

I mean I’ve only just got to grips with predictive text!

My main disappointment is that it doesn’t have as good a camera as my previous phone. I feel let down by this.

Yet I don’t feel the need for my phone to have a camera equivalent to my DSLR or to have it play my music collection at me. I just like the idea of being able to take silly photos of reasonable quality at will. And to have a reasonably interesting game to play when I’m bored. We’ll have to see what’s come with this one.

I can tell you’re desperately curious as to why I’ve suddenly felt the need to get this device. No insatiable urge to upgrade for me.

We have a beautiful floor in our upstairs bathroom made of smooth stone pebbles. Unfortunately it doesn’t agree with the display screen of mobile phones when they are dropped face-down on it. This has left my old phone with a beautifully artistic crazed look to the screen, but has sadly rendered it useless.

So I’m going to go plug in my new toy, get it fired up and see how long it takes before I start swearing at those tiny little keys… Wish me luck.

Kathie Touin