A silver anniversary


The cover of the original release of Soliloquy (Image: Kathie Touin)

With some amazement I can tell you that it was 25 years ago when I released my first CD, Soliloquy, a collection of solo piano pieces, plus one original composition of my own. It came out on the Sundown Records label and made its way around the world, getting airplay in Korea and sales in China as well as in many shops across the United States.

I remember the recording being a fraught process – it was done on a hired grand piano in the living room of the house where I was living. The entire album was recorded live to ADAT stereo, so everything was done in single takes with no overdubs or edits. This meant that sometimes takes were ruined by unexpected noises. On one memorable occasion I was just finishing yet another take of Clair De Lune, and breathing a sigh of relief, only to have it ruined as someone in the house flushed a toilet!

I was a new artist so didn’t have much say in the production or mastering. But in 2007 I had the resources to get the album remastered and was able to fix one or two things I’d always been unhappy about.

Soliloquy Deluxe

Nancy Burdikin’s painting was used for the cover of Soliloquy Deluxe (Image: Kathie Touin)

The result was Soliloquy Deluxe, with new specially-commissioned artwork by Nancy Burdikin and extra bonus tracks. A change that had been made to the opening track during the original mastering session was removed and the sound throughout improved.

Now, to mark the silver anniversary of my very first release, I’m offering a free download of the appropriately named original composition, Silver Song, through CD Baby.

Later this year I’ll be releasing my next album, so watch this space for more information, announcements and special offers!

In the meantime, please go to my CD Baby store and get your free Silver Song download.

And if you’d like an autographed copy of Soliloquy Deluxe, or any of my other CDs, please visit my website: www.kathietouin.com

Thanks for listening!
Kathie Touin

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